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As an Owner at Playa Del Sol Resort, you have the unique ability to enjoy your unit personally, participate in short term accommodations, offer long term rentals, or a combination of all three. This makes Playa an ideal investment opportunity.

West Canadian Reservations Inc. is the only onsite vacation rental management company within Playa del Sol Resort. Our business model is a turnkey solution to the vacation rental market, in which we bring a level of expertise based on our company’s strong management experience in the hospitality industry. West Canadian Reservations Inc. provides a stress-free option to the owners at Playa del Sol Resort.

Vacation Property Management

As a hands-on Vacation Rental Manager, WCRI takes care of all aspect of managing our holiday accommodations. This includes but is not limited to:

  • facilitating all rentals
  • establishing and maintaining marketing efforts
  • booking reservations
  • administering payment
  • personally checking in and checking out guests
  • providing concierge services
  • administering housekeeping
  • inspecting units upon guests’ departure
  • coordinating accounting

This allows vacation rental owners the ability to enjoy their investment without having to deal the details evolved in turning an investment into revenue and potential returns. These additional services also make for a hassle-free destination for the owners themselves and ensure that their investment is maintained in their absence.

We do not charge a management fee. Instead, we are commission based and only get paid when your unit is guest occupied. This is incentive to keep our owner's units highly occupied, at the best possible rate. Our office staff specialize in revenue management, adapting yield management practices to ensure the best returns for our owners. Like any hotel or resort, we change our rates daily in order to capture bookings. By watching trends and consumer behaviors, we ensure top dollar ends up in the pocket of our owners.

Why Us?

West Canadian Reservation Inc. is backed by an abundance of hotel and resort experience. Our staff has worked in all facets of the hospitality industry, including hotel operations and management. Our portfolio extends from the Okanagan to our Canmore Resort Platinum Suites investment rentals. Our team is a combination of past hotel general managers, regional directors, customer service specialists, revenue managers, accountants, sales and marketing experts, and time share and owners relations specialists, to name a few, and has expertise in resort operations, rental services, revenue management and real estate services. You are in good hands with us!
Our office is located on the second floor, directly across from the lobby elevators. The front door to the resort is always locked. We physically check in all guests and provide a tour of the resort facilities as well as the units themselves. We are here to assist our guests throughout their stay and have a wealth of knowledge of the area. With us, guests get a similar experience to staying at any other resort or hotel.
Although our program is not on a "pooled revenue" system, our owners still have the advantage of multi-unit marketing and reservations. Just like other resorts, guests book a room type and determine the room number at check-in. We do this to maximize bookings and revenues for each of our owners. If we simply marketed all of our luxury condos for rent individually and guests booked by room number, a three-night booking could hinder our ability to take a ten night booking over the same time period. We avoid this to maximize your profit.
Want to use your property for a getaway? Owners can give us a call at any time to determine if their unit is available. Should we have a booking in their unit, an owner can decide to keep the guest reservation and obtain revenue over that time period, or have us move the reservation to another unit of the same room type. The only time we are unable to do so, is when we are sold out or the unit is already occupied. Owners are welcome to block off personal time well in advance to avoid this—we will never take guest bookings over any owner blocked time.
Through our website, guests can book 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are no requests required or waiting for email replies. Our website is tailored to all platforms (PC, tablet and phone) making it easy for our guests to book in real time. We work with many online travel agencies including but not limited to, Expedia,, VRBO and Owner Direct.
Our age policy and screening ensures that we are getting the right guests in-house. All guests must be over the age of 25 unless accompanied by their parents. We do our best to field group inquires such as bachelorettes, bachelors and stags. Playa is very much a family resort and we market it accordingly.
When we are not in the office, we are available to our guests.
There is no "grey area" with us. Each month owners receive a detailed statement showing each night their unit was occupied and the rate that was captured. We obtain taxes from the guests and remit them on behalf of our owners. Owner revenue is issued through direct deposit each month.
We have negotiated a cable, internet and phone package for our owners. Although perhaps not as common in today's short term rental market, we have found that our guests (especially international) require an in-unit phone. The intercom at Playa also uses an in-unit phone with a landline in order to operate.
Our tenants are our guests and we treat them as such. Our mutual success depends on a high level of customer satisfaction, which translates to repeat, and referral business and maximum rental income. Our guests are on vacation and they expect an enjoyable and worry-free experience beginning with the first contact with our company. We are committed to extending excellent service in an environment of personal hospitality.
On top of all the services mentioned above, we pride ourselves on the fact that we do not nickel-and-dime our owners. All guest housekeeping services, commercial laundry services, guest in-unit amenities and credit card processing fees all come out of our commission. Unlike many other vacation rental managers, we do not bill owners for such things as late guest check-in, guest after hours calls and follow-up and maintenance facilitation. These are just some of the reasons we frequently receive glowing client testimonials.

Ready for the Best?

Selecting the best vacation rental management company to suit your needs is a very important decision. West Canadian Reservations Inc. sets the standard for excellent customer service, high owner revenues, outstanding housekeeping and personalized service. A wise choice will provide you with years of enjoyment, maximum financial returns and peace of mind. Let us do all the work while you watch your bank account grow!
If you are an owner at Playa or thinking about purchasing, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would be happy to go over our program in further detail and see how we can add value to your investment.
Contact us today.
West Canadian Reservations Inc. is a registered operator under the Hotel Room Tax Act with the Province of BC Ministry of Finance & Corp Relations.